Breast Cancer

It was the year 2004 when a patient came to my clinic and asked me to read a kit. Little did I know this was the beginning of a transformation - of my health and my profession.

My name is Lilybeth Bartolome-Ocampo, a Family Physician currently based in Baguio City. Not only am I a Physician but also a patient surviving breast cancer for almost eleven years now. In 1997 while pregnant living in California, USA, I was diagnosed with Stage II B Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, left breast. I underwent Modified Radical Mastectomy and 4 cycles of chemotherapy. While practicing my profession, another mass grew on my right in 2006. I had a second opinion at St. Luke’s Hospital and the result showed no abnormal DNA, and a very good prognosis. This must be the result of my taking 20 drops of CMD 3x a day everyday. It has also completely relieved me of my severe low back pains due to my scoliosis.

For 18 years in the medical profession, I’ve always believed like my colleagues do that there is a pill for every illness. I’ve always been aware that these synthetic medications have adverse reactions, drug-to-drug interactions, contraindications, and sometimes even lethal effects. If you will notice a lot of drugs are introduced in the pharmaceutical industry claiming a tremendous relief or a breakthrough in medicine; only to find out after a couple of years it is being withdrawn from drugstores because it has a devastating adverse effect; the anti-hyperlipidemic agents for instance. It has been withdrawn in the US because of liver problems and may even cause liver cancer.

Since I’ve found Health Code International, I have understood the beauty of how conventional medicine works synergistically with natural food supplements such as Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD). Knowing that almost all food we take in are no longer sufficient in nutritional value especially the minerals, this is the most convenient way of supplementing these losses.

As I have learned more about the wonders of these trace minerals in Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) especially when patients whom I have prescribed it to came back with miraculous results. I’ve never missed a day without sharing this product. Most amazing patient was a 79 year old woman who had a heart attack and was comatose for ten days in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan. She needed a pace-maker, but since the family lost hope when there was no guarantee of survival despite the gadget, the patient was brought home against medical advice. Patient was given 10 drops CMD everyday thru naso-gastric tube. Exactly on the third day the patient woke up and gradually recovered. A 9 cm myoma that never required any surgery but only disappeared after 6 months of CMD, and the latest a young man who came in for consultation due to a stone in his kidney about 5.6 mm. Her sister who recommended it called and claimed his brother passed out the stone after 3 days of CMD. A n aplastic anemia patient who never had blood transfusion since taking CMD in February but her platelet count rose from 11,000 to 57,000 with now normal levels of hemoglobin and red blood cell count. A twelve year insulin-dependent diabetic but now with normal blood sugar levels without medicines.

The secret of CMD is very simple. It contains 72 minerals in trace amounts which are already present in our human body, working hand-in-hand in order to create a harmonious function. But due to the mineral deficiency in our diet all diseases may arise. So the role of CMD is quite simple - it completes the missing catalysts in every important chemical reaction in our body. Thus, a gradual relief from symptoms of the disease.

A miracle? Yes, a gift from God.

LIBERATO D. MEDINA: Terminal Liver Cancer
In the summer month of May 2009, Liberator D. Medina - a HCIC member since 2005, underwent a regular medical check up in Angeles City. After the check up, due to a suspected liver related abnormality he was to stay in the hospital for approximately 2 weeks. Early findings by his Doctor indicated symptoms of Hepato Cellular Carcinoma - a terminal liver cancer variant. They conducted additional lab tests, including CT Scan, Ultra Sound and Biopsy through a needle insertion into the infected liver area. Since the result of the main test, biopsy, would be forwarded to the hospital. Doctor in approximately 10 days, Bert Medina would spend approximately the same number of days in the hospital bed with only dextrose and minor tablets to contain possible fever or minor health lapses in his confinement. But unknown to the hospital attendants/nurses, he had increased his dosage of 20 CMD drops to as much as 80 drops a day as per monitored instructions of Dra. Lilybeth Ocampo.

This eventually, helped him maintain a sustaining high energy level, keeping his body strong to withstand his medicineless confinement for many days. After almost 2 weeks in the hospital, the biopsy result was interpreted by his doctor and the terminal liver ailment was confirmed to be positive. The medication options given by the cancer doctor were: anti-liver cancer tablet to be taken 4 times a day at a unit cost of P2,500 / tablet. The other option was a liver transplant costing P5,000,000. Bert Medina opted to return home and take his chances there - however, without the hospital’s knowledge Dra. Lilybeth Ocampo was coordinating with me and Jonathan Repotente on how to address the ailment problem through a CMD based solution. The dosages recommended were from 80 to 100 drops of CMD plus 1ml twice a day of Elemental Selenium and 1/2 ml twice a day of Elemental Zinc and Copper. The recommended dosages were observed to the letter by Bert Medina and after about a month, in June 2009, they requested a second opinion from a well respected hospital in Metro Manila. The same tests were conducted - everything, tests and observations, were started from square one...all bases taken and observed started from scratch.

In approximately 2 weeks time new results were registered and evaluated. The new findings negated the presences of any cancerous activity in the liver of Bert Medina, the cells clear of the deadly diseases... and as Dra. Lilybeth Ocampo summed up our painstaking efforts in trying to cure the disease, it was a 1:1 million ratio of survival. The CMD exercise has proven again that mineral supplementation could be an alternative way to having healthy bodies. Mr. Liberato D. Medina joins the HEALTH CODE INTERNATIONAL Central Luzon area team during regular symposium and seminars and his testimonial has inspired people with different ailments to consider possible solution through CMD based supplementation.

Migraine Body Pain etc.

I started suffering from MIGRAINE, which I thought I was high blood, but as per my doctor’s check up I was not. Later I’ve experienced BODY PAINS, LEG CRAMPS, and NUMBNESS OF MY HANDS. I’ve learned to take mefenamic acids to relieved the pains but later my situation became even worst because I was already having RHINITIS and TONSILITIS thus every now and then I need to take antibiotics. I also became prone to ALLERGIES when eating chicken, some kind of fish and even some medicines.

I’ve consulted my doctor and undergone laboratories but the results were all okay, but why was it that almost everyday I was not feeling okay? I became desperate and worried a lot. I was already suffering from INSOMNIA and became irritable.

Third week of November 2003 CMD was presented to me, I was given 10 drops to take I was amazed on what I felt in just 15 minutes! I was relieved of pains and felt instant energy! I’ve registered at once and became very thankful because all my health problems had gone in just few days!

I’ve started introducing CMD to some friends who all of them got interested with the product thus I decided to become a stockist.


Mr. Nomelino “Manok” Sarcena, 24 years old, a resident of Hagonoy, Davao del Sur, met a vehicular accident on his way back home on April 14, 2006, a Good Friday. The tremendous impact on his head resulted to profuse bleeding of his eyes, nose, ears and mouth. He was rushed to Davao Medical Center (DMC) and underwent extensive CT scan immediately. Results revealed massive intracranial hemorrhage and emergency craniotomy was contemplated. His family had to prepare P100,000 for the operation and due to financial constraints, he went into coma. Surgery was finally done 5 days after the accident. Post-operative prognosis was unfavorable. Despite this, his family continuously provided him the very expensive drugs (P5,400/vial every 4 hours) and other life support modalities (respirator) to keep him alive. Despite all these, complications still haunted their beloved. After few weeks of being comatose, he developed pneumonia and also fungal infections over his wounds making his unstable condition even worse.

On his 20th comatose day, Manok’s Attending Physician surrendered hope of recovery because Manok’s vital signs became unstable. He was no longer responding to the drugs. His doctor just gave him a mere 1% survival chance. Moreover, his Doctor said that, in case a miracle happens, he would still be confined for 8 months to 1 year and he would be a vegetable for life. In addition to it, the doctor declared that Manok would be blind! Some of his nerves were damaged in the accident. Hence, the family also surrendered and decided to sign a waiver authorizing the doctor to discontinue all artificial life supports. On the 21st day, the day Manok was expected to die, his sister, Rosa, fervently prayed for God’s intervention. After praying, she recalled the demonstration done during the presentation wherein CMD caused the glass of water to produce energy to light a 60 watts-bulb. She observed that the more CMD dropped into the water made the bulb light brighter. Rosa immediately went to Liza A. Ungab, the Digos City Stockist. Liza gave her a 60 ml bottle of CMD for free. Hurriedly, Rosa returned to the hospital and found Manok still in ICU with the oxygen on but without the respirator. Rosa applied CMD all over Manok’s body, poured some into his NGT and unto the infected wounds, and dropped some into his mouth. Meantime, Manok’s mother was on her way home to arrange for his funeral services. Miraculously, Manok remained alive.

Rosa noted that a day after the administration of CMD topically and sublingually, the blood clots oozed out from his mouth and nose. After 2 days, his phlegm was gone. On the 3rd day, he intermittently opened his eyes slowly. On the 4th day, he sat with one eye fully opened. On the 5th day, he was able to walk unaided. Exactly on the 7th day, he was discharged from the hospital. He consumed two 60-ml bottles of CMD in a week’s time. After 2 months, the vision of the other eye was restored!

According to him, he owed his life to God thru CMD, one of God’s greatest creations for humankind.

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